Saturday, January 9, 2010

You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

I have learned time and time again that fashion is in everything. Everything from cars, home décor, electronics, and teeth. Teeth are supposed to be perfectly straight and perfectly white. And boy has this been engrained in our society. Who nowadays has not had orthodontic work or tried a variety of tooth brushes and tooth pastes.

Which leads me to why I realized this trend – today I got my teeth whitened not at the dentist’s office but at the mall, in a kiosk, well it was more of an alcove. Teeth whitening has become this huge phenomenon. Everyone wants to get that ideal smile and now you can get your teeth whitened in your local mall. The process was very surreal. They make you put in a thing to hold your lips back and give you q-tips to apply a couple of solutions on your teeth and gums. They then put that blue light infront of your teeth to really get them white. You pretty much whiten them yourself. The process took 40 minutes, 2 sessions each 20 minutes. As I was sitting there I could see all the people walking in the mall staring doing double takes at this teeth whitening “store”. People came up and told the teeth whitening guy comments and questions about a variety of things. People asked if it really worked, how long it took, that they had been a dentist for a long period of time, all sorts of things. I think people, including myself at first, were very skeptical especially because it is in a mall. I also later found out that the teeth whitening guy used to work in the finance industry and this was his father’s business, so I am pretty sure he lacks dentistry training. But it worked! And really well! I am very happy with the results. Now I just have to keep up with maintenance and use an at home teeth whitening kit. Looks like I am heading back to my last semester of school with a bright white shining smile!

PS. If you take a venture to the other side of the mall you can get some facial work done at the Botox kiosk

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