Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland? I think not.

When you think of snow you probably envision snowflakes, snowmen, beautiful winter settings, white glistening snow. Well in Bloomington that is not the picture. The snow and the whole town look grey. And it is so cold! I am a Florida girl and as Christine (she started her own blog!!) put it today “some people need to get sea legs, you need to get snow legs”. I am still not used to walking in snow even though I have lived in Bloomington for almost 5 years. I think everything is ice so I am scared to death I am going to slip and fall in result I take itty bitty footsteps that look ridiculous. I am also so cold. I usually wear jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater, scarf, Uggs, and my long North Face jacket, but usually I am still cold. I might need to add a layer.

Anyway, I think the age old question is what am I going to wear? Tomorrow Christine and I are going to Kilroy’s 2 Dollar Tuesday. This is a very popular bar in Bloomington where on Tuesdays, you guessed it, everything is 2 dollars. You can get a pretty decent burger for 2 dollars! What a steal. But there is a dilemma to this fun. We will probably walk because it is really close and we will most likely have a couple of cocktails, so you need to bundle up in this blizzard. But you need to figure out what is appropriate to wear when you get inside. It can get pretty hot when it gets busy because of the body heat, but maybe it won’t because of the temperature outside. My other issue is should you dress up a little bit or just go completely casual. The girls at IU are known for dressing up every night. But usually at 2 dollar at 7 it is very casual. I am contemplating on 2 different outfits. The first one is a great striped slub sweater I got at Forever 21, white tee, my favorite new item J Brand denim leggings, and some great over the knee boots. I think the over the knee boots make it a little dressier. Or I could go for the more casual look, a long white sleeve shirt, the same J Brand denim leggings, a classic pair of Uggs, and a great animal print scarf Sarah got me! Not sure what to choose, what do you guys think? I will let you know the outcome and it is sure to be a fab Tuesday!

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Southern Belle Fashionista on January 11, 2010 at 9:26 PM said...

I like the over the knee boot ensemble!!!! It sounds super chic & sexy!! Plus, you don't want to be boring & blend in!!!!! Love ya!

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