Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Gag-ster

All of my friends can tell you that I love Lady Gaga. I was even her this year for Halloween, complete with leotard, leather jacket, heels, over the top hair accessory, and rhinestone encrusted glasses (which I am proud to say I made!). And I will give you, she is a bit off her rocker, but I still love her. The first couple of times I saw her in pictures I thought “who is this girl?” but now I have a huge appreciation for whom she is, herself. But what is so incredible about her is the look she creates. One thing I love about her style is - the girl never wears pants. Maybe once in a while she will thrown on a pair, but she sticks to leotards and body suits. She will step out in 20 degree freezing weather in a leather leotard, tights, and sky high heels, now that is fashion dedication.

Have you seen her new video for “Bad Romance”? The fashion is incredible. Everything is straight off the runway. Alexander McQueen has created incredible visual statements in his Spring/Summer 2010 collection, which Lady Gaga totally pulls off. I love the sequined dress/body suit that goes right into those elephant looking 10 inch heels. There are other secrets to this video as well. In the first scene Gaga’s glasses are made out of razors, what a fashion risk! However, I am partial to the tamed down night on the town Gaga. I love that she rocks her looks with such pride and doesn’t care what people think. Something all of us fashionistas can aspire to be.

Christine (a fab single lady), Me (Lady Gaga), and Jimmy (Russell Brand)

Alexander McQueen SS '10 Collection

Lady Gaga Street Style

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